Fabric and Floss of the Month Subscriptions for 2020
Sign-up window IS NOW OPEN!

Window has been extended until 9pm Monday Feb 17th!
Please read all about our subscription programs and order yours today!

Pre-ordering for Nashville Market goodies is also available, until March 4th!

** Monthly Subscription Programs

Welcome, Stitchers!

2020 subscription sign-up window is currently OPEN!

Subscriptions are available to purchase for a limited time,
starting at 9am Eastern on Saturday Feb 1st
and closing at 9pm Eastern on Monday Feb 17th.

It will re-open again on August 1st for any newcomers who wish to place subscriptions
(or for existing subscribers to order something different).

There are a few provisos, a couple of quid pro quos regarding STNA's subscription programs. Please read the following carefully!

The following vendors will be available for a subscription (the subscribe'able items are only activated/visible for purchase during the sign-up window):


  • Subscriptions can only be purchased via STNA's e-commerce website @ www.stringtheoryneedlearts.com
  • NO manual orders will be accepted, such as email, phone, etc. Sorry.

  • Smallest/default fabric subscription size is a fat quarter (except perforated paper, which is pre-packaged).
  • You CAN have more than one subscription! PTP *and* NPI? WDW's floss AND fabric? No problem!
  • If any new colors are released over the duration of your subscription, we’ll make a concerted effort to get them wrapped into the rotation.

  • Once subscribed to a particular vendor/count/type/etc, you CANNOT modify it month-to-month. If you'd like to subscribe to something additional or different over the course of your subscription, you'll need to wait for the next subscription window to open (unless you're wanting to cancel, which you can request at any point).
  • Initial sign-up payments in February/August are used to purchase a lump of products in March/September.
  • NEW subscription shipments initiate in late March/September, with #1 (for February/August) and #2 (for March/September) shipping in tandem.
  • The duration of the subscriptions is variable and open-ended, timetable estimates are provided in the respective product listings.
  • If you sign up for a subscription that is already in-progress with other customers, we'll simply insert you into the mix. To those who do this: don't be too surprised if your "first" set of floss, for example, happens to be colors that start with something other than "A" or "1".
  • Once you sign up, we'll keep filling subscriptions until we reach the end of the vendor's available colors, at which point we'll contact you with a reminder that the end is nigh. Some subscribers might want to circle back to the top of the palette, some might not. We're pretty much going to keep processing your subscription until you tell us to stop, or unless the product is discontinued. ;-)


PayPal will be temporarily disabled as a payment option for the duration of the sign-up window. STNA leverages an automated recurring billing service provided by Authorize.net (merchant gateway), specifically designed for repeat charges associated with subscriptions. PayPal simply has a less-desirable recurring payment mechanism by comparison, and PayPal will be reactivated as a payment option again for standard purchases once the sign-up window has closed.

After your initial sign-up payment clears, a recurring monthly charge will be setup for the duration of the subscription. The financial transactions are handled by the merchant gateway, just like any standard purchase. STNA never archives any financial details in an offline file because we can't even SEE them, let alone save them.

Your card statement's pending charge might show as "JaySez LLC". Please don't panic, that's us.

NOTE: Georgia residents’ monthly payment will include 7% sales tax, just like any other standard purchase. If you are a GA resident - PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE consider purchasing your subscription as a standalone order? It'd be greatly appreciated, if you could. It'll really help with making sure that the recurring payment amount is accurate, when we don't have to remove any extraneous non-subscription products to re-calculate sales tax.


  • Shipping costs are included with your subscription! A $4.95 savings every month!
  • All subscribers will be provided a USPS tracking # for each month’s shipment, per STNA's standard shipping practices.
  • If you happen to place a regular order that coincides with subscription processing, please don't be too surprised if your subscription catches a ride with it...

Cancellation Terms

  • There will be no refunds/returns accepted for subscription items. If you don't like the color you received, well... that's the nature of subscriptions, isn't it? You might not always enjoy every article of a magazine subscription either, that doesn't mean you try to return a monthly issue for a refund.
  • You MAY cancel your overall subscription at any point. HOWEVER, if you've already been charged for the current month, the cancellation will be made effective for the following month.
  • Basically, please try to cancel prior to the 1st of any month, else we're shipping one last package because we'll probably already have started processing it.
  • IMPORTANT: if your auto-payment is declined anytime over the course of the subscription period, you will be notified accordingly (and repeatedly) in an effort to remedy the issue. Sometimes a card has expired, been lost/replaced, etc. We understand that life happens to everyone. However, if a resolution cannot achieved before the 15th, your overall subscription will be canceled.
  • If you wish to "un-cancel", you will need to wait until the next sign-up window opens.

Timetables of note

  • Recurring monthly charges will be issued on the 3rd of each month, as payment for THAT month.
  • Processing and shipping of CURRENT month's subscriptions will happen shortly after that, usually by the 10th of each month.
  • Our goal is to have the current month’s subscriptions shipped by the end of the 3rd week, every month.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us!


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