Hope everybody's doing ok, given the current circumstances.
Just wanted to let folks know that the following vendors that we interact with are under sheltering mandates (or similar) for non-essential businesses in their respective states:

Threadworx - California, sheltering mandate. You're welcome to roll the dice on a Threadworx order, as we DO have a random array of their fibers actively in-stock, but it'd still be greatly appreciated if you ASKED before placing an order for anything of theirs, please. The contact webform won't bite you, promise.
ICG/Imaginating and The Gentle Art - Ohio, sheltering mandate. We have plenty of Gentle Art floss actively on-hand and don't expect to have any issues filling orders for it. Not unless people start panic-purchasing Endive or something... (please don't, thanks?) However, ICG is one of our chart distributors, we might experience some complications/delays on that front. We'll do our best to try to re-source anything we usually get from ICG in the meantime.
Kreinik - West Virginia, sheltering mandate. Same as Threadworx, we have random Kreinik fibers actively on-hand, so please ask first so we can check?
Silver Creek Samplers - Pennsylvania, sheltering mandate. We usually get their charts thru distributors, but SCS has communicated that their printing is suspended until their mandate lifts.

If we receive word that any of our other product offerings are potentially impacted by similar sheltering mandates for the vendors we conduct business with, this banner will be updated accordingly. If you discover any during your wanderings that you feel should be included, please feel free to send over a link to the source content and we'll go check it out.
Please stay safe out there! Thanks!


YES! We sell fabrics!

It's nearly impossible for a small business to keep every count, color and style of fabric in-stock for everybody all of the time, but we're trying our best!
If your requested fabric is in our active stock, it will usually ship immediately. Please be aware that orders to dyers themselves for re-stocks have a typical turn-around time of about 4-6 weeks (their numbers, not ours), if the vendor needs to prepare a fresh batch. PTP seems to dye everything on-demand and their turnaround time has been creeping closer to two months lately... The majority of fabrics by Wichelt and Zweigart, however, are usually available within a week, if we happen to not have it readily on-hand.
Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

If you're curious as to whether we have a certain color/count/fabric in active inventory (or whether we can get something you don't see listed), please feel free to contact us and ask!

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