JULY 2021 - Scarcity of PTP, still

Please be advised that we're receiving our orders from Picture This Plus at a semi-annual rate, and growing.
STNA legitimately has PTP orders open from last December that have yet to arrive.
We do have SOME on-hand, but it's a dwindling supply of fairly random colors/counts, as people are buying it faster than it can be restocked.
As such, PTP fabrics are moving to "by request only" status - what you see in their product listing is what is actively on-hand. If you are in dire need of another color of PTP, or a smaller cut size that what is shown (an 8th instead of a quarter, for example), PLEASE ASK ABOUT IT, provide color/count/size details in your note, and it will be activated for you to purchase.
Please consider yourself warned that if you place a special order for out-of-stock PTP, you're accepting of the fact that it's likely to be AT LEAST a 6-9 month wait.
If you pay with a credit card (non-paypal), your payment will be claimed after 25 days, before it times out with our processor. Refund requests for PTP after that time will be issued as store credit.
PLEASE consider researching a substitute non-PTP fabric in the meantime, there are tons of fabrics out there that are probably a next-best alternative.
Most Zweigart fabrics are shipping within a few weeks, for example. FBS is around about 3-4 months for processing, sometimes longer if you're specifically wanting 28ct Lugana, which is still in short supply. WDW's turnaround varies by color and/or count, and difficult to generalize.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Lady of the Flag - Emb. Pack

  • Model: MDL62E
  • Manufactured by: Mill Hill


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Mirabilia Embellishment Pack for MDL62 Includes: Beads and Treasure

*Does NOT include chart or fabric

NOTE: this particular pre-packaged embellishment pack has been discontinued by the distributor, but the individual components it consisted of are still available. You'll still receive all of the applicable beads/treasures, the only difference will be the not-as-fancy outer packaging.


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